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COFFIN Workshops

$15 per class: KOD Members
$30 per class: Non-KOD Members


Killer Instincts - Writing Conflict Hurts
Instructor: Melinda Curtis
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Murder One - Demystifying Police Work: Understanding Police Roles in Fiction
Instructor: Wesley Harris
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Killer Instincts - "Now What" For What to Do Once You've Finished That First Novel?
Instructor: Leslie Scott
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Murder One - Criminal Fun With E-Devices, Round 2—Cybersecurity 20/20
Instructor: Ann D. Zeigler
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Killer Instincts - Finish That Book with The Chunky Method
Instructor: Allie Pleiter
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Murder One -The Making of a PI—Private Life and Business
Instructor: Steven Kerry Brown
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Killer Instincts - Back Cover Copy “Shoot Me Now!”
Instructor: Kathryn Jane
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Murder One - Insights and Writing the Computer Geek
Instructor: J.T. Evans
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Killer Instincts - Micro-Revision & Deep POV
Instructor: Suzanne Johnson * Susannah Sandlin
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Murder One - Biological Warfare: What Every Writer Needs to Know
Instructor: Nanci Race
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Killer Instincts - Where Craft and Marketing Collide!
Instructor: Deborah Riley Magnus
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Murder One - Writing the Journalist Protagonist
Instructor: Patricia McLinn
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Killer Instincts - Writing Thrillers and Other Dangerous Novels from Idea Up
Instructor: Julie Rowe
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Murder One - Writing the Aviation Crash Investigator
Instructor: Tim Gift
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Killer Instincts - Seriously Creative: A Life Coach’s Approach to Productive Writing Success
Instructor: Laura Gates-Lupton
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Murder One - Writing the Search and Rescue Team
Instructor: Martin Roy Hill
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Killer Instincts - Logos, Ads and More: Graphic Design for Busy Writers
Instructor: Zara West
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Murder One - Writing the Professional or Amateur Chef Protagonist
Instructor: Judy Alter
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Killer Instincts - Writing the Sensational Inspirational
Instructor: Katy Lee
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Murder One - Writing the Psychologist Protagonist and Beyond
Instructor: Bill Percy
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